Day 12 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-12)

Hi there you little bag of ‘I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD AT 21’


You rebel at 15 who refuses to beleive in things people say and is at the corner reading.

I know you like receiving letters and all those stupid cheesy sticky notes,so I thought the best way to make you listen was to write to you 🙂

Guess who I am? Your 21 year old version (OMG SO OLD RIGHHHTTT?)

Guess what you dont look as bad and old as you thought you would at 21,you dont have wrinkles (HA- HA) and you still dont know the basics of makeup.

I know you must be excited to hear if you MADE IT till now…well no darling 21 is not as old as you thought it was…

I know you sometimes feel uncool because you dont have the same things to talk about with the others,you sometimes feel left out because you dont use wax strips ( too much effort I still dont use them)

That crush that you have on the football team captain…is going to go  somewhere better than your crush on Chris Pine…just saying..I know I should not be revealing much of your future but you know like I know you so I know how curious you would be.

Remember that hair cut accident in grade 9?

That is going to happen AGAIN when you are 21,just this time you would not cry and carry yourself better.

That smile that you are concious about because they always make fun of your teeth,carry it well baby…someday that is going to be your signature.

Do not stop writing as of yet.

You will see better days because of it.

I dont want to change anything of me when I was 15,that is the beauty of it…so I will not tell you to change anything,your caterpillar eyebrows that make you feel awkward is going to help you turn into a butterfly.

It is good that you do not use much make up and do not present yourself in a fancy way…mothers are always right.

People are going to leave,You are going to leave,People are going to lie and cheat and decive and change that innocence on your face to intelligence…but basically you are going to be okay.

Darling,you do not have to ashamed of how you look,everyone looks ugly at the moment anyways because they have almost hit puberty and not dont have to cry.. I am proud of you 🙂 proud of you that you did not do anything stupid but just wrote about what hurt you.

See I know you dont hear these things often but guess what,you yourself are not going to give up on yourself and you are going to trust your guts so damn much that others are going to start beleiveing you too.

I dont know if the 21 year old you has MADE IT yet…I think I have not because I still feel insignificant ,like I have not done enough,but I beleive I am work in progress…21 is much more clueless and confused than 15,because at 15 it was okay to be unrealistic and now you need a REALITY check everytime you do something.

You shall raise eyebrows from your opinions like you always do…keep that beautiful mind of yours working.

Dont worry much about how boys dont like you much you go to an all girls school anyways… haha

Thankyou for making me who I am today,for still  being with me when noone else was,for looking at the sky in the playground upside down when there was noone to talk to or play with…that way you have just been awesome …not giving an ef of what is going around and creating your own rainbow world.

Thankyou for all the songs you listened to at night..they still inspire me,for listening and trying to understand,for being hyper when your energy was drained so that you could make people happy …not to please them…you are beautiful… 🙂 just awkward looking sometimes because you are in the awkward stage but hey you are going to look better later! so yeah




make mistakes

just do not do things you wont want to talk about with me later

Loads of lovee

Yours truly