On cloudy days when grey is the light

On gloomy days darker than night

Even the sun does not seem like the sun

But it is okay

On winter mornings when all is snow

And you have nowhere to go

Because the roads are blocked

It is beautiful but you feel stuck

You freeze

Those days

When the sun doe not seem like the sun

But its okay

Those evenings when fire can’t keep you warm

And your smile doesn’t work its usual charm

Your careful words seem like the  bullet of a gun

almost killed someone

Those days when the sun does not seem like the sun

But it’s okay

Sometimes it’s okay

not to shine

Settle down with a glass of wine

Nothing seems to keep you warm

even a breeze creates a storm

The sun does not seem like the sun

but it is okay

No need to always be aware

sometimes i just stop and stare

at the sky when its not the day

Those nights when the moon

seems like the sun

When you understand its not breathes that keep you alive

It was always a welcoming smile

its okay not to be shine

because the day you died

the sun stopped seeming like the sun

because you were the one

who made the sun

seem like the sun

and it is not okay

that you are gone