DAY 13 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-13)

Hi there,most difficult thing to accept

How you doing there?

Not giving a rat’s arse  about how other people see you,

just doing your own thing like always..  🙂 ( you go  define whatever you want to define I have accepted you already!)


I know it is difficult for a lot of people to celebrate you,but I have been trying to enjoy your presence in the past few years and I think the last few years are the ones I have enjoyed the most.

You know that moment when  a girl living inside a woman gets a bit disappointed when the boy living inside a man comes out because they both don’t understand how they both lived in different worlds.

One was the believer of fairytales and the other one was fighting crimes trying to save the world ( not powerpuff girls but swat cats).

So just like how a girl ( in general) can not understand the importance of counter strike, a guy( in general) can not understand the importance of john tucker must is not disgusting or disgraceful that there is a difference. .. but then there is always a gap

…that gap …that is why you are the difficult to accept..but once accepted it fights off all that divided .

Now they both share the same world,but they do not understand that there shall be spaces between them..not the spaces that will make them empty but the necessary spaces to let some air in,for growth and for relaxation.

DIFFERENCE seems devastating to some of us,I thought that you were the point of beginning of judgement and judgement always divides.

Right and wrong ,black and white,maybe sometimes brown and yellow too…but people like me forget that you (Mr.Difference) are here to enhance our lives,take it closer to divine..not to destroy us.

Darling,it is difficult for humans to understand and accept you

because to accept you we always have to dare.

Daring is not easy,accepting things that have not happened to us is something out of the box,accepting things that don’t exactly solve the puzzle of our life is not easy but you never fail to decorate and fill our lives with colors.

It is not easy to accept jack johnson’s songs when you are an iron maiden fan,but once you understand that music is about letting your soul  dance to any kind of beat whether it is heavy metal or slow rock or just a soft voice with ukulele singing about pina coladas..your life will be much easier.

Sometimes  you are scarier than death,sometimes you create dimensions that cannot be measured but you are the dazzle in the night.

Sometimes you are the drizzle in a scorching summer day,unexpected but pleasant.

So,thankyou for adding the extra that would have never happened if the world was just one point of view.

Dear difference you are all that matters,you make me want to become more,you make me want to understand that I am less but capable of things some can not comprehend.

You make me debate and discuss…and they are both healthy for growth.

You make me feel like originality and creativity is cool because that way I will never be the same like the others.

Thankyou for not creeping me out but helping me accept myself.

Thankyou for making me realise that I should not worry about how to ‘fit in’ and be the same like the others because with you by my side I shall always not give an ef to anything that will not matter to me.

Thankyou for being my dare


Loads of love

and pinky swear promise to always be  by your side


Loads of Love