I just wanted to write to you because I wanted to remind you that you are important and that you should not forget yourself in the process of whatever you are doing.

I know you are doing a lot of things in order to MAKE A NAME..and that you are as lost as a puppy without its mother

but hey baby you have never been good with directions it is okay

you are 21 and you still have not given up on yourself…you have not given in to all the world has said and you clearly do not give a rats ass about what you should be doing according to them…continue….being the rebel you were at 15…continue being yourself..the journey has always been a bit challenging but you are an adventurous person ….so WOHOO good for you πŸ™‚

I am so glad that at 21 you already almost know what you should to live as yourself untill you are 100..and you have accepted all that you need to in order to live a content life…I like how its not about money and cars…its directly about rolls royce and swan lakes… you confusing little bundle

Sometimes you feel like you are not doing much…because you do not see the results but then always remember what Maa said…its not about the result its about how much you put in and how much it made you grow

I am very happy that you accepted your scars and your flaws….and that the first thing you usually tell people you do not know include the fact that you are clumsy and loud at awkward moments and also shy…that way people who cannot handle you leave and your weakness becomes your strength

I do not know who taught you to make your weakness your strength…to be free from the past so much that no one can actually do anything about it now and that you are your own queen.without the tiara but all the power you need to conquer the world.

I like how you do not care about’ fitting in’ in the society and yet you are trying to give back…and also at the same time you know you do not have much to offer because you Β have not even started yet.

You need to understand that the world will go on without you.It was here first and that it will always last…you are tiny but what you write might just make someone else’s world a bit better.

You do not need to change it…that it will always be the way it has been..all you need to do is let people be and make a few strangers less strange…and that means you continue writing…I know you do not get much support from your loved ones but hey they will eventually understand how powerful you feel because you write.

Not the kind of power that triggers greed..but the kind of power that makes people warm…that makes people respect humanity more

Rae…its okay that you are not what you thought you would be at 15

Actually you are Β me I have seen you,you handled yourself pretty well in intense situations.. with a lot of simplicity and grace and a smile even if you had plastered a forced smile…it still brightened up people’s days and yes now that forced smile is sincere πŸ™‚ (SLOW CLAP FOR ACHEIVEMENT)

I like how you do not give an ef to those people who tried to make things difficult for you..actually you just decided that you do not have time for hatred…a light forgiving soul you have become…. πŸ™‚ (proud of you)

I like how you realised that the most heavy baggages you carry are not the ones other people can see…are not carried on the shoulder but inside your heart…and you know what I tell you it is great that you are letting go of that heaviness with each passing day.. πŸ™‚ I like how you are appreciating everything you are becoming and being so disconnected with people and connecting at the same time.

This letter that I am writing to you is not because you are vain but I just needed to remind you that you love yourself..

The past few days you have been feeling a bit too fragile and a bit too out of place..just a reminder that I am here and that you are not alone.

I find it really cool how you promised yourself that everyone else who comes and goes will be complementing your life and your existence and shall never complete you…that you shall be your whole…that you shall be your own… (too cool)


and about your choices….always choose the one that makes you feels more than the one that tells you what you want to hear…this is as much clear as I can be I think this is already wise

I love you

I will never give up on you

I will always be your friend

I will always make sure that you are complete