Conditions led me to conclusion
that can not be comprehended
Curiosity made me continue
It never cancelled my clarity
Maybe took me closer to myself
Compromising for consideration
made me question my character
Confidence is just comfort in my skin
Comparison made me calculate
I confess,I put my dreams on collateral
for connection
Now I have come to conclude
that I don’t need cameras to capture moments
Sometimes all I need is a cup of tea
with someone whose idea clashes with mine
Charming smiles might have cold insides
To be the centre all I need to know
is that I am my own hero,even without a cape
Complications would just be based on what I create in my mind
All the construction shall not depend on caffeine
but on my creativity
After all ,All I am is clay
and All I have to be is clean
so..WHY confine in Colors?
Of skin and humans who are clueless
Let me just melt and flow all that was crystallized Β with cold
Without complains and convey this message
That all I want you to do
is to take care of yourself
I declare I am not a choice
But the cause that shall let you continue
I shall not live in coins and cubes
I shall be my own compass
I wont live in my clothes
or my cologne
but in my commitment
I shall live in the clock that shows you your time
and in the cycle
that defines