#Lesson 2:Grades do not measure intelligence

”I mean is this the most important thing in your life?”

I did not know how to respond to what he asked but I was SURE it was a BIG NO!!!!!!!!! with a lot of exclamation signs but my face was looking like a wall showing no emotion.Grades in Statistics II were not going to be important five months from now…and my life would just be sad if that was the most important thing…sighs…

‘See? so whenever you panic just ask yourself what is it that is the most important thing in your life!”

Again I did not know how to answer this question.I am 21!!!!!!!! am I not supposed to have ‘figured out things’ and ‘know where I am going in life’ by now???I am not even close to ticking off the weekly to do list!!!!!!!!!! and people are asking me about my summer plans (sighs…WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?)

I did not say anything except for a NO with a confused smile.

And he got it.

He is someone with really kind eyes,the kindest

A big guy with even bigger heart with pointed nose and adorable cheeks.Someone who was always ready for a laugh.This guy has something I can’t quite put a finger on which makes his personality fun and serious at the same time.

Without him I would have forgotten the fun of being in the back seat of the car and looking at the clouds with fun good music in the background.

Without him I would have forgotten the mini adventure of making up random movie plans.

Without him I would have forgotten the most important question in life.

I would not be appreciating confusion or the fact that I don’t know things,I would be fearing what other people would think of my ‘intelligence’ if I had lower grades than I already have.

But this guy,this fun guy who does not seem to have strategies for life seemed to have figured it all out…

to take one day at a time,

to enjoy food,

to laugh like there is no tomorrow,

to make fun of others in a not so mean way and make them laugh,

and most importantly not to give an ef about numbers when it comes to intelligence.

..because after all grades don’t measure your intelligence…your capability does…and those who can’t see your ability..tsk tsk tsk too bad for them!