#Lesson 3: Language is overrated and so are words

I have a T H I N G for kids,there is just something about kids in capital letter that I can’t ignore.I find them adorable and easy to be around.but then this time it was going to be different.I did not know how to speak the language,I was nervous.This was the first time I officially volunteered to go to HOPE foundation instead of doing my usual ‘spending time with the kids’ at the church on Sundays.

I thought it was going to be uncomfortable maybe..but then when I got off the bus and saw his chubby little boy with adorable cheeks around 5 with no front teeth and the most welcoming warm eyes,a super sincere smile and Ben 10 slippers..I knew things were going to change…..

I opened my arms as soon as I saw him automatically..like maybe we were family who had not seen each other for a while and he hugged me back.He did not ask me where I was from,what my name was,what I do…he did not even ask me my name.He hugged me with all the warmth in the world.I felt my eyes moisten,in that moment I felt so much acceptance I could not control my tears.I gave him a soft kiss on his forehead,I made a wish.I wished him enough of everything in the world,enough happiness,enough pain,enough love,enough gain so that he would remain as warm and welcoming as he is right now.I noticed cotton balls in his ears with ointment so I asked the one of the caretakers what was wrong with him,

The teacher took a long sigh and told me this was a special kid.I asked how and she explained that his mother did not want him,so took pills to kill the baby inside the womb,it did not work.After he was born,4 hours later his mother threw him in the trash.Because of pills and hard handling when he was an infant this kid was weak and could not hear properly.He could not walk properly when he was younger.Since he could not hear he could not speak properly either.They named him ‘Miracle baby’ because nothing seemed to bring him down.He was always overcoming difficulties.

I could not take my eyes off him after that,he was beautiful,rare,naive and yet wise at the same time.He was laughing ,running around with other kids,playing with grass,teasing other kids,sometimes looking at me and doing all this unaware of how beautiful he was…of how amazing he was…such a heartwarming little boy.He did not know how powerful he was,nobody would understand how,why or where his power came from….and that was not the ‘greed of control’ power..that was the changing lives in the most beautiful way possible way power.

During the two days we bonded so well,we played he was always with me,either on my lap,or around me.We had lunch together,played the swing and played football.I did not understand a word he said,he did not understand my words but we were still with each other.

He changed me in ways I can never explain,there is not much I can do for him except for pray ,he is already a miracle in  himself

When I left the place after 2 days I cried and hugged him for the last time,I kissed him once more.He looked at me,he did not say anything but I felt like he was saying everything was going to be okay and that he was okay.

Miracle baby taught me that words are overrated and so is language…sometimes you don’t understand and yet you do….

I hope he always remains the beautiful being he is.. Beautiful is an understatement for him