#Lesson 7: Mothers know it all

I don’t get it why are women so disrespectful to their husbands these days?”

”But mamu they are just comfortable with each other,they were friends before so you know its okay its not disrespect”

”How is that a logical explanation? Your father is my best friend,I am most comfortable when he is around but that does not mean I disrespect him.In fact the fact that he is my freind makes me want to respect him more! Because not everyone’s best friend is their husband.”

I did not know what to say after this so I just smiled and pretended to understand what she said.

”You should always keep this in mind……If you treat your husband as  your king,you will be his queen but if you treat your husband as your slave or someone who is ”just your helper” or”pays your bills” then you will be the wife of a slave ,or the wife of someone who pays your bills.An unhappy woman will never understand what being a queen is like,it is the sheer happiness of being important having responsibility and loving others more than self.To be the wife of someone who just pays your bills would be so miserable,that kind of woman would automatically compare and look for more..for she has not been in love yet..for she has not respected her husband yet..”

I was shocked at how much sense it made.In fact she made so much sense that I did not even know how to react,I was looking blank but then I felt the firework of ”You are wiser than you were a minute ago”  burst in my brain.

”You should have a husband who you would be proud of,whose traits you would want in your son..supporting your husband does not make you weak or second class,in fact it empowers you….but women these days tsk tsk think that a man and woman should be equal and do what not  …ugh …this is such a circus…I don’t say just stay at home and be a housewife and become his slave…but then  don’t you think there should be a bit of extra treatment for the man who is going to take care of you for the rest of your life?”

My mother…knows everything she needs to know..without degrees and formal education she is the wisest woman I have met in the face of this earth…Though she is not exposed to things I am exposed to she knows waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I do…this woman’s in depth knowledge about things never fails to surprise me…all that I know is that mothers know it all…so if you have a question go ask your mother