This might sound a bit  strange but the truth is it is easier for me to be happy for strangers.Also it  is more sincere when I feel sad for them.When I do not know people’s stories it is easier to accept them….

I dont know if this is for everybody but there is something I want from people I know…maybe acknowledgement…maybe time…maybe love…or maybe acceptance…it is different with each person…but then with strangers…I have nothing I want…I can be selfless… I can be honest..I mean I am honest with people I LOVE but then there is a bit of selfishness in that I secretly hope that they reciprocate the same…

Expectation is always the main cause of disappointment and since I do not expect anything from strangers there is not way I am to be disappointed with them…I guess if  we all were strangers instead of being family and friends…this world would be less strange.. or maybe not..