#lesson number 9:If you keep trying you can turn your dream into your goal

”What are your dreams?”

”I have a lot of dreams!!!!!!!!!!sometimes I feel like I am a 8 year old because my list ย of dreams are infinite.”

”So,what is one of your biggest dreams?”

”I want to be a writer”

”That’s your biggest dream?”

”Well kinda one of my dreams..”

”You write regularly?”

”Yeah since the last 100 days I have been writing and posting on my blog every day”

”Well good..because if you keep trying and working ..you will turn your dreams into your goals”

So simple but worth a pause and a lot of thoughts…just don’t give up and keep working…adjust if you need to for plans might not always work…but just don’t give up …after all..goals are just dreams with a deadline….

It is just that simple