#lesson 19 : Forgive and feel the light

One of the worst things I have done to myself is hold grudges against people I could not forget.

Being haunted by the ghosts of people who are alive is one of the worst human experiences.

I did not realise that hate requires as much energy and time as love.I was not done being angry with him but he had already moved on….do you know how annoying it is? when people ”MOVE ON” when you are not even ”done expressing”

How could he?

How could I not?

I would never forgive him for the stupid things he did,for how he hurt me and bla bla..but you know what?

I got over it after a year and a half…how you ask?

I realised people are not exactly as significant as you think they are trust me you can totally move on from things and people and past and what not…just give it all some time and then VOILA its like MAGIC!

There is not point being mad at ghosts for ghosts will never come back to life,there is not point wasting your limited life  over things and people that killed you.There is no magic combination of words that will heal the wounds which are invisible to the eyes.

I know it hurts but then I personally feel that the only things (or people) who affect you are the ones that you let…It is okay things happen ..no need to exaggerate or dramatize things you can’t control…there is a reason they say time and patience hides the answers to most of the questions.

There is no need to hold the heavy baggages in your head and heart and hate on people and things that you think have ruined you…because in a way they would not have if you did not let them….

Forgive and feel light..let the light in and fight the darkness. but most of all forgive yourself for making mistakes it is okay to fall down,people fall down all the time…. 🙂 you will make it