”Loving is so simple”

uhuh totally !!!!! it is like switching on the tv with your remote I thought..how could this guy who is always high teach me about love?

I had come for a FORCED evening walk with someone because he said he wanted to talk about Life …I seemed like the girl who seemed to get ”It” so he wanted to have an intellectual discussion he said..I agreed…I do not like acting as if I am busy when I am not…and he seemed sincere and what is the worst that can happen anyways?

”Have you ever loved anyone?”

Yes and that was stupid,it was so stupid I never plan to do it again.

”No” I said with an uncomfortable smile,I can’t be discussing my personal life and insecurities with a random person who asked to go out on a walk with me with red eyes…(If you know what I mean)

”I think you of all people actually knows what love is.”

Hell Yeah I do!!But wait so does everyone else..

”Why do you say so?” I said brushing off the hair from my face…the wind can never blow in my direction I will never look like one of those classic heroines who look perfect with the wind blowing perfectly to enhance their looks  and hair just blowing fine like the clouds….sighs TV is never reality is it?

”Because you are an easy person,you do not look for approval or disapproval,you do not want to prove a point or CHANGE people and things.” 

Wait what? okay I might be a lazy person who likes to read but of course I want to change some stuffs  I mean why would I want to die insignificant?

”What makes you say so?” I raised my eyebrows like The Rock,I think this makes people look cool the only one eye brow lift…but anyways we were talking about love here not how to be cool.

”You are a girl who does not know me that well and yet when I asked if  we can go for a walk you said if this is one of those conversational thingies you would come but if this was just another ”move to score” you are not interested. That is effortless rawness in a woman…that is brilliance.”

Reallyyy???????? I mean being a mean person is brilliance? AWESOME SAUCEEEE

”But what does this have to do anything with love?” I asked trying to come back to the point and being all ”as a matter of fact” ish.

‘Love is not just being happy and thinking of the moon sweetheart,love is not just kissing and making love…love is so damn simple and human beings make it so complicated ,loving is simply the art of letting be…you don’t want the person to CHANGE you know I know you won’t tell your boyfriend to lose weight or earn more money or buy a Fancier car .You might help him grow but you will never try to change him and there is a difference.”

Okay now this guy has just met me twice before and is always stoned…I had no idea what he was saying but at the same time he made sense so I had to you know be all like yeah uhuh because If I said something stupid I would sound…well stupid..

”Nice observation but is that not too much to say about someone who  you have met 3 times in your entire life the third time being now?”I asked with a serious face.

”I am aware of things that happen cupcake,I just wanted to tell you ,you are capable of loving just don’t think it is so complicated and loosen up a bit you will be a good lover I know…after all you are good at accepting people.”

I have not seen him eversince,I don’t know what happened to him…people said he left the university I wanted to thank him for what he said but I just could not say much to him that night because he said things that were too much to comprehend for me….I don’t know I get things slowly I guess.But now I know what he means…One does not feel loved until he/she is accepted….If you don’t like the fact that I write or that I NEED to read quiet often and listen to youtube over songs and love puppies why the hell would I think you love me?Bearing each other and compromising is not all love…its an agreement..and well that is not love…love is just being comfortable with the personality of the person…because things like look fade….but then the kind of person he/she is….will just be better with years…hence  love is just acceptance…and instead of room for change…its just a way for betterment…its just as easy as that… 🙂 ❤