21 lessons learnt in the summer of 2013

1. It’s not the amount of time spent together that makes friends real, it’s the amount of trust and comfort.


2. Hot chocolate and chocolate cheese cake always makes life easier, even if it’s for 10 minutes.


3. People’s reputation and others’ opinions about you doesn’t count if you keep this aside you can always make better friends.


4. Trying out new things no matter how small and being spontaneous is the closest you can be to an adventure every day.


5. You don’t always have to be in a relationship to be understood.


6.Sometimes kids and puppies teach you more than lecturers.


7. Grades don’t measure how smart you are and GPA doesn’t define your potentials.


8. Long drive, live jazz and blues on Thursday nights with good company is always a great idea.


9. Sometimes late night walks with strangers brings you closer to reality.


10.’’Is this the most important thing in my life right now?’’ If the answer is yes then why hesitate? If the answer is no then why worry?


11. Makeup is for enhancing features not to hide your face and flaws. Raw defines beauty not flaw.


12. Nobody knows what they are doing with their lives so don’t get paranoid not all those who wander are lost.


13. Singing with a crappy voice around strangers is the best way to make new friends who are like you. Being silly naturally sometimes wins you seriously good friends.


14. Learning from everything around you is what keeps you alive.


15. Photographs show a lot of your personality sometimes, so make sure you take good photographs of yourself (and also you can show off to your grandkids so DOUBLE BENEFIT YAAAAAAY!)


16. Music and movies always bring a magic touch to your life when your reality gets blunt.


17. Sometimes going through rough times makes you realise how blessed you truly are.


18. Helping other people is good but helping yourself is better.


19. Sometimes even Audrey Hepburn doesn’t make sense and it’s okay because we are to accept people with their flaws. Nobody is perfect.


20 A spontaneous night out has better stories than plans, and sometimes saying yes to awkwardness is the only way you get over it.


21. Always take you time and reflect on what you are doing. It’s important to go with the flow but it’s also important to realise how powerful you are as an individual.