Both Sam and I never knew what a flat stomach felt like,maybe that’s why we never thought we had the right to call ourselves beautiful.

Afterall we never stood out for the way we looked.

Second glances from cute guys? Never knew that feeling

Instead of ”fitness motivational quotes” and ” progress reports” our instagram pictures were flooded with shameless selfies and food pictures.

At,157 cm,I never thought I was tall enough to be tagged beautiful..on top of that the eczema on my legs were not helping,my uneven skin tone could be used for the commercials of ”4 weeks to fairness” fair and lovely (in a bad way of course).I felt like pandas would be jealous of my dark circles(jealousy should be earned they say!)and seriously I could  be the brand ambassador of lawn mowers because I need them to trim my eyebrows!My pimples were those uninvited guests who never left  and my ability to make every conversation awkward made me the princess of pauses.

At 168 cm and 102 kgs Sam thought she was too heavy to be pretty.The thing is they make a ”standard” or ”average” of everything…the only way she and I were not ”average” were when we were less than it.

We were so ordinary,we were ashamed of it.To fight away the shame we would ask questions every night ,”What are we doing with  our life?”  and ”Where are we going?” being the top most two that were the reason of our mental breakdown every single day!

The thing is every night we would come with different answers and instead of getting near to conclusion we were becoming the reason of confusion!

Every night we would decide,we would be beautiful tomorrow….