#LESSON 23:You Always need MIRROR(s) in your life.

The thing is I need constant reminders for whatever I do.I am not that easily motivated and if I do not see results I tend to  be ,”See this was never going to work ,you never had it with you!”

I know this is not a ”Brave” person’s way of things but then again who knows what is the way of doing things in a brave way?

I just know how to be brave after listening to Sarah Bareilles….No Seriously.

So in this life which seems to tear you apart more than make you feel like you are the one.You need a lot of mirrors to let you know what you are actually capable of ,where you actually stand.Sometimes you are the one wiping the mirror clean sometimes it is your mirror that shows your reflection.

Reflections are great ways to see how beautiful you are and how different shades can bring out your features.Specially when you see yourself as a reflection in someone else’s eyes,I think it is amazing.

I am blessed to have have people who are always there for me helping me think more clearly.It is not necessary that I have to be dependent on them for everything that I do but then when you know someone has got your back you get a different kind of confidence.

You always need a mirror in your life,and you need to be the mirror too.Your character shows how much you can reflect.

So be careful of what you do for other people.It might just let them know who you are…