He does not want to know

all that they can offer

He is still mad at them

for all that they took away

He is still wrathful

for the words they misused

He is traumatised

by their tongues

and has trust issues

He thinks they lie

on family shows on TV

why wouldn’t he?

it was never a part of his reality!

He won’t make new friends

He says its a lot of fuss

He won’t start conversation with strangers

He just does not want to know

That is the end of it

Because he does not believe in beginings

.. he just does not ….

he knows if he knows

he will change

and he is not fond of changes

he fears the unknown

but in god he trusts

he does not believe in shoulds

he believes in musts

he does not want to make a difference

maybe because he thinks people won’t forget

what they never knew..

He is saving the world

in every way he can

ย he is still not over

what he remembers

why would he want

to give something

difficult to forget?