#Lesson 26: Not everyone you lose is a loss

Sometimes when people leave ,they leave you with a heavier baggage than the one you were carrying before.

You go around with that baggage hoping that their absence would only be  replaced by their presence but most of the times it is not so.

When some people leave,they leave you with a lesson..a person with one more lesson is always better than a person with one less.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between a loss and a lesson.Most of the times a lesson feels like a loss because of clouds of regrets.That is why my friend regrets should take a back eat when you chose to move forward.

If when people leave you feel lighter,you should be thankful and if when people leave you feel heavier you should let go.

Sometimes people leave not by choice but bu circumstance…I don’t know if you should be angry or sad in that situation but whatever it is I do not think you should think that one of you was not enough.

A human being is always enough,after in other earths they wish they were the star you are 🙂

Just know that you will not be alone,not today not ever…someone will always understand..you will just need to go ahead and talk..never regret someone who left you by choice…take the lesson and broaden your horizon 🙂