#Lesson 27: If you see him in your future son,he is the one

”But how will I know if He is the one?” ,I asked with a question mark in my face.

  With kind eyes and patient lips she said,”It is very simple,you will just know.”

(How is that possible to ”JUST KNOW” I mean if I just knew stuff  I guess I would be god…so getting a bit restless )

‘No ,I won’t I am not as wise as you How will I know ? I do not want to make mistakes about this again.”

She smiles a warm smile,’‘You are not as silly as you think you are you know little one?”

”So how will I know?”

”It is simple,if in the future you would not mind having a son like him he is the one.” she said as if what she said would make sense to a 10 year old.

But I don’t understand.”I said protesting and demanding more explanation.

She gave away a light laughter and ended the conversation with,’‘You will know when the time is right.”

I know it is annoying when grown ups end the conversations that way,like be patient or you will know when the time is right type..it is just..UGHHH..but then you know what that is the beauty of life…that things will not happen before or time and even when we are not ready the things that are to happen will happen.

So I guess you will know she is the one if you want a daughter just like her .

Does this not sound too easy?