A letter to the one who lost


I hope you remember me

I am the girl you lost

to cigarettes and clubs

to prostitutes and cheap pubs

I am the genie

from the bottle you did not rub

I just wanted to tell you

that it felt great

feeling small

in front of the things

you thought I was not

Well…. it took me a while

to understand

that I would not to be an ”adjective”

or a ”compliment”

in someone else’s life

And now all that I am doing

is being

instead of becoming

and I wrote all this to you

so that you never forget

that I never took the darkness you gifted

as a curse but as a blessing

and also

thank you for cracking up my heart

Now I feel as special as Harry Potter

My heart looks like it has thunderstorm and lightnings

Like it is this cool strong thing that has signs that it was fiercly alive

How fucking cool is that?

I do not wear the ”fragile” sign anymore

I just handle myself with care

you are amazing

for being such a douche

because of you

I am so thankful for the someone in my life

and know all the people he is not going to be

Thank-you so much for trying to ruin my life

Now I am not scared anymore

like wow

I think I am fear-drained

If that is possible

Is that possible?

Oh wait

that is a question I have stopped asking

I just go do it

I do not let anyone tell me I can’t

(btw nice try I am still fascinated  by happy endings and believe in it with all my heart even if you said I would never get one)




nothing less