To the people I owe this to

I am the dumbest person alive

trust me

Like HOW

how could I not realize

that my dignity

was seen through the dress I wear

I should have known…..

I should be ashamed because my waist is almost 30

How dare I eat what I want and not work out?

This is not what decent girls do!

What will my husband say?

What If I can’t please him?

like seriously?

You think I am going to measured by what I can do?

you kidding me right?

I will be measured by who I will marry

at what age?

With how much my parents can give

and How much he earns!


You think a woman is complete without a man?

A woman is made in kitchen!

If you dont beleive me

You must be another level dumb

They Β constantly need to remind me that I am a girl

As if nature does not remind me every month!!!!!

I mean

I am an object

I need to be protected

I can’t be batman

because I can’t go out at night


Β I should not be partying

or drinking

or wearing what I want

or posting stuffs showing my body progress on instagram

for myself

If I do this

They have every single right

to do whatever they want with me

How dare I respect myself and what I think?

I should be enslaved in chains for this indecency

Maybe they should strip my clothes and shame me in public

I mean all a woman is

is eye candy for her man right?

Nothing more yar…I mean come on

How can I be more than that?

Be more than what I look like?


Oh wait

Am I speaking too loud?

If I am then I will just shut up and use sign language

oh wait

I should not move around too much

there is no decency in that


Am I a doll?

Do you have a remote?

Would you please reset my button and make me dead instead?

Oh wait

what gives you the right?