A girl named Loud

There was a girl who lived in a quiet town

who went by the name loud

She liked libraries and coffee shops

She lined up in crowded bus stops

She believed in  sincere smiles

She had broad shoulders and tiny legs

She knew a chicken could do more than lay eggs

when she said,”Hi I am Loud”

guys gave her blank stares

some even glared

Even if no one greeted her back or said what their name was

She knew

She was born to be heard

 where she was born was not going to stop her from that

With thin hair and a brain that works

She was ready to change the world

Not the world that other people lived in

but the world that mattered

the world that did more than just exist….

the world where she was her name

where men did not give her blank stares

where she was the answer

their question mark shaped ears were waiting for