#Lesson 34 :Anything can Happen

There is no need to put things into two different boxes with the label that says right and wrong.I can love a black cat and not be a witch.I can be a vegetarian and still hate animals.I might love kids but never wish to have my own.Anything can happen…and I give my life the right to do what it wants.I do not wish to control every aspect of it because it is going to be useless if I attempt to do so.Worrying is a waste of energy anyways.If everything actually went according the plan life would be meaning less.

Failure is beautiful ,it is a lesson you wont forget easily.What is more beautiful than teachers who actually make you grow?

Everything is possible and impossible at the same time.

I can chose to give my world a pink shade if I want by putting on pink shades.If that is what I want I will do it without waiting for anyone else’s permission because I am fully aware of the fact that I am going to die.

Unlike most people I am not afraid of death.Understanding and accepting that I am mortal was something difficult but then oh well no one here gets out alive.

The thing is my friend you can use the term YOLO in a negative way and make someone pregnant and not claim the baby but that would make you a lameass…you are going to die does not mean you have the right to be reckless and hurt people…you are going to die… you are insignificant but you can be important by making life after you better…anything can happen..you never know whose life you are touching