#Lesson 33:Being religious does not give you the right to judge

(If this offends you that is not my problem)

I am not against any religion,and I do not fear God.I have faith in him and all he does.Like mentioned in my earlier posts I personally do not think it is mandatory to give God a name or be limited to a religion,this in no way makes a person characterless or indecisive….actually it makes a human more human.

My faith is very strong I do not believe in doing anything bad to anyone or causing discomfort by choice.I do not claim to be religious.Whatever I do now I do for now NOT for an after life or because it is written in a holy book that was written by someone.I do not believe I should judge anyone for eating/not eating something because of that person’s religion or for any other decision that person makes based on who he worships.People like you who LOVE to claim you are going to have a blissful after life because of how you are serving your God but busy creating drama that is causing nothing but discomfort deserve nothing but mild cuts with blades and some pepper with some sun bathing.I am mean and I am ignorant but I do not label people just because of a choice they make that I do not understand.

You might have read he holy book a zillion times and chanted and meditated…you might be eating plant based LIVE food because your body is not a graveyard…(slow clap for the dialogue)  but are you actually doing things because you want to?

There is a fine line between want and need…I have my own religion and that is not minding anyone else’s business,helping everyone who asks for my help and who I think needs my attention…I do not do it because I HAVE to ..I do not do it because I feel that I am spiritual or someone who is better than other people….I do it because I do not find meaning in a life that is not used for other people…I pray to my nameless god to use me in order to make lives better.I do not believe that being a woman or being a man has anything to do with potential and performance…anyone can chose to do whatever they want..I do not judge a woman and call her bad names because she likes to smoke occasionally or is fond of social drinking…and You out of all people who meditates the fuck out of everything do not have the right to call her names just because you have a bead bag …..how is your mind calm when you are developing strategies to bring people down?

I believe no matter what religion anyone follows.. even if one is an atheist  a person should be human first…and should be less judgmental…there is no need to tag anyone…just mind your own god damn business …live and let live….because literally you only have one life….what if you do not get the after life you are working so damn hard for? Live in the now…igive your best…do not hurt people…and stay humble….

P.S- next time you judge and label someone use your ”spiritually elevated” mind and ask your self what would God label you as?

I am sure God is not one of those brown teachers who likes a teachers pet…-_-