13 Things No one told me about being 22

I knew that life does not come with an instruction manual but I got a LOOOOOT of advices and I thought somehow just adjusting them into my life would make me an acceptable 22 year old but NOOOOOOOO.

Life is not what they said it was….so let me just tell you what I feel like no one told me about being 22…

1.You are not young enough to fit in the young category neither are your old enough to be an actual adult.


2.You still won’t have it figured out.


3.You have a friend who bends but does not break doing yoga and you are here checking her instagram like


That is humanly possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.Whatever you eat shows.Chocolates are more fattening than comforting.


5.People you know are getting engaged,married…even having babies…and by people I mean your classmates..your juniors…like what the hell?


6.You are embarrassed by the fact that you were TOTALLY into korean dramas,twilight,one direction and maybe a little bit of justing beiber…maybe


8.One direction songs don’t make sense to you anymore…seriously the fuck were you thinking?


just look at them…….

9.You don’t care about people as much as you used to when you were younger.


10.Shahrukh khan is still going to look like he did in Kuch Kuch Hota hai and YOU are going to have dark circles and crows feet.


11.The person who you thought you would die without….his name sounds like a joke to you now..


12.You realize that competition is so so so so tough…and that everything is way more difficult than you think it would be including internships ,interviews,internet….


13.But it is not bad….seriously…it is not…you are growing up ….not necessarily old 😉






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