#LESSON 35:If it has nothing to do with you..why bother?

‘Why do you like wearing boots?”

”Because I love how comfortable it is and it makes me look fabulous.”

”You are in Thailand.”

”I know where I am and I still don’t care I still love it!”

”UUUgh…girls like you annoy me like what the hell are you doing with your life..psssst I just would appreciate it if you used some common sense when you dressed up.You do not have time to fix your face and look good but you think it is fabulous to wear those stupid shoes.”

Yeah  he just paid for my fabulous shoes ,my whole life is dependent on him…and I just should be more careful how I dress up and put more sense in what shoes I choose because it is my duty to fulfill his need of visual pleasure.HELL YES.I as a woman have to HAVE TO have some make up on and ”Fix my Face” because how dare I walk with my nude face and no make…a woman who does not use make up is a woman who does not deserve to be seen publicly.Maybe I should wear a paper bag that says ”YOUR OPINION IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERED IN MY LIFE” so that every man who thinks its his RIGHT to criticize a woman who dresses up however she want.

Excuse me sir I do not remember anything that has happened between you and me except this conversation and You would be living in a bubble of epic stupidity that is about to be burst because of my sharp opinions.

It is not anyone’s right to say anything that is unpleasant to anyone else…if you want to compliment someone sincerely then do it

If you have nothing to say then keep your mouth shut because everyone already has shit to deal with and your insecurity has nothing to do with anyone else.

I will wear whatever I want and I do not dress up to please anyone visually…I dress up for myself and I do not see any need to follow fashion and trends just so that morons like you can compliment me.I do not have time for that.Whatever I do with my face,hair,fingernails,shoes ..life is none of your business and you taking so much interest in my improvement is just a lame way of showing how much time you have to waste in this unimportant survival you are continuing.

You are just wasting your breath and your brain’s little left over thinking capacity by judging people(or just women) by what they wear and how they show up in something.I am fabulous and you can go ahead and call me a narcissist but it took a very long time for me to convince myself not to dress to impress but to dress for myself so you can juggle around your judgement balls wherever but it is not going to affect me at all.

I will do whatever the hell I please because my life is short and I am going to die just like every body else and I do not want to be uncomfortable in my body like I was before just so that I can be accepted.I do not have any time to waste just to convince you that I look fine without makeup and it is completely fine for a woman to not paint her toenails because it is her god damn body.If she wants to wear a rainbow dress let her…why do you think your opinion matters in someone else’s life…if you are that opinionated maybe you should actually use your pea sized brain’s little thinking capacity and direct it to a debate that includes whether prostitution should be legalized and whether abortion is a cruel thing to do…why are you wasting it in another person’s life?

Life lesson learnt-Don’t mind other people’s business do what you have to do and think about things that matter -_-