Diseases are not cured overnight…and distances created are not covered..sometimes not even in a lifetime.

If you know anyone with depression,help that person out…no matter how busy you are…because you never know when will be the last time you see them…

here is a link you could copy paste and see how you could help.

You know we are alive,we are humans…all this illusionary acheivements,career,education…this is all some stupid person’s trap to take away the person you are from you..whether you are a gazillionare or a beggar….after you die…you fucking die…noone can bring you back…no matter how much power you had when you were alive… your career?

noone will care.

The money you made? maybe the people who will live after you will be happy to be the heir so that they don’t have to work as hard….

all this…illusion of fancy everything that money can buy….is a trap…its a fucking trap that makes people more useless than any other race on earth…they are ”proving ”themselves to people who don’t even know about what keeps them alive…that is how retarded our society is.

I am trying to fight depression alone,by telling myself I am in a trap…and that to get out of this…I would just need to leave….but maybe my leaving would cause a lot of people a lot of discomfort…or maybe not.

I am not a part of whatever goes on willingly.If I could control I would.But I would want my life to be useful….so if you are depressed know you are not the only one fighting demons….I know brown people do not beleive in the concept of ”depression” they think it’s ”nautanki” but demons do not come defining colors…they just come to drain it away from you.

Just know that this will pass…and someday why you walked this way will all make sense…that is if you live till some day…