why dont you deal with it?


ties infinity in her head

like hair strands

with a rubber band

that almost puts things to place


knows they only know what you reveal

yet does not care showing all she knows

 does not even bother becoming friends with ”them”

because friends make the worst enemies


remembers you

and all that you did with her

specially things that you did to her

will affect

 all the men that would be passing in her life


never forgets to remember you

because you were the one

because of who she started tying her hair in a bun

you did not like bangs on her face

you would be irritated

by hair strands on her face

by her face

by her hair

and by her


still does not leave her hair open

in hope that someday you would see her accidentally

and not be irritated

that you would somehow say hello and sorry

and help her loosen her hair tie

and tell her its alright…


knows that you are only what you show  them

 she does not show any signs of her

only all signs of you

even though it means tying her infinite self

in her head like hair strands in a rubber band





does not want to be herself.