Why I never want a husband like Ram

If you are wondering who Ram is you are not Hindu….Ram is the  man of Hindus he is THE MAN Noone can be manlier than Ram ever!!!
Like what hasn’t Ram done ?? Ram picked up the Shiva dhanus like it was a toothpick ,he went into the wild for fourteen years and survived because he is skilled,Ram was so damn fabulous that his wife and step brother just followed him because they had nothing better to do with their lives rather than following THE man, Ram is the ultimate name that kisses a Hindu’s lips even during death.

That is how important Ram is in the Hindu world and I being born Hindu do not think Ram is anything else other than a hypocrite who was cunning and didn’t know how to prove how to be a man.( dont kill me hanuman please do not)
Hindus are backwards because of Ram

There I said it….I might be burnt down to death and have my putla burnt erwhere but well we only have one life and I am already tired of this one so  who cares?
Hanuman is the monkey god who had Ram’s name tattooed everywhere and was a stronger fan of Ram than all these teenage sissy girls fan girl about 1D.
Sita is Ram’s wife,beautiful,honest,kind,and all those nice words and NOOOO I don’t want to be her either.
I would never want anyone to tell me and my future husband that we look like Ram and Sita, if anyone says that dishonor on them ,dishonor on their cow,dishonor on their family…..
So Ram being the man of my religion is not a man I will idolize because he is too much.He wins wars that was never his in the first place,pokes his nose into other people’s business,does not trust his wife,does not let his wife be,fights with someone brilliant because he kidnaps his wife and then tests his wife dedication towards him by Asking his wife to walk on fire because of what other people say…..now why would I want someone like that????(food for thought?)
Why would I date a man who is stupid enough to not do what is to be done but listen to other people and just pay for sins he has not committed?
Why would I want to leave behind a hot and beautiful wife because my step mother said so? (I mean step mom step aside this kingdom is mine so deal with it no?)
Why would I want to be with a man who does not mind wasting 14 years of my life going into the wild like what if I chew on a poisonous mushroom and just die?
Why would I not tell my brother to calm the fuck down and stay and focus like why would I make him pay for my decisons ?
Why would I not believe that my wife can take care of herself or as a matter of fact even think that women are weak?
Why would I involve outsiders to save my wife when I am capable?
Why would I test her after she was kidnapped?
And why the hell would I tell people that I am the truth?
I mean everyone has their own side of the story right? Everyone has different versions of truth,my victory would also mean someone else’s loss…why would I encourage men to have a closed mind?

All these things and more make Ram a not so eligible role model for me so no I don’t want to date or marry him .I just can’t stand the fact that he is extraordinarly stupid and does not have a mind of his own.
Sometimes following your religion might mean you are not allowed to ask questions… But my religion is writing so in my religion you can do what you want,feel what you want and be magical