Similarities in differences

The story of how we met makes me believe in destiny and a statement that my grandma made . I refused to beleive her at that time because I was too busy focusing on how much I sucked at maths and how my life was going to be miserable.

I am living her statement right now and the statement is “no matter what happens in life..better things are coming.”
After a series of unfortunate events YOU happened…after living a lot of nightmares you were my wake up cal and boy have I never felt so awake and alive!
I feel we are the same body different parts you are the head and I am the heart.
I am the heart that feels , heals and wishes for happiness you are the brain that is always about logic and answers and facts . The head that sees things as they are and sometimes forgets to feel while
I am a bookworm who cries during movies and weeps when my favourite character says something that touches my soul in books.
You are the engineer  who applies the theory of trigonometry in daily life.
You’re the brain that once worked for BMW, I am the heart that ends up hurting herself because of too much emotions.Sometimes I end up paying for someone else’s mistakes but you’re the calculator whose battery never dies.
It’s funny how different we are, but when we cuddle on a gloomy day with enzo and your no cover blanket. When we stare out of that biiiiiig window of your room from which we can see squirrels on the tree..We are the same.
We are calm , present and in love.
Maybe that is what life is about learning from differences and celebrating similarities.