To the man brings out my true colors.


I could not be more grateful for your life,my most favourite life alive.Thankyou for always being there regardless of the weather and season. Thank you so god damn much for being awed by my yellow,hot pink,blood red and smokey grey days.

You have been my inspiration and my most harsh critic,my wish granting machine with feet who made the sun shine in Paris.

Who would take all those tantrums and apologise on behalf of the sun?


Thankyou for appologising to me on behalf of the universe and making me believe in colors again.

Thankyou for not walking away on me when all I was being was a stubborn  asshole who refused to understand anything .

Thankyou for doing the dishes because I  hate to do them.

Thankyou for being someone who understands how to respect a woman without making her feel less.

Thankyou for the hugs and kisses and love and cuddles when I was being lame.

Thankyou for not laughing at my clumsiness and thinking it was adorable.

Thankyou for laughing at yourself when I was making fun of you.

Thankyou for being yourself.

Thankyou for tying my shoe laces.

Thankyou for carrying my camera when it was heavy.

Thankyou for not making me run when I was having a stomach ache.

Thankyou for sharing your secret jokes with me and also for being such an amazing calcultor.


Thankyou for keeping up with a bizarre woman who has as many shades of personalities as the colors of the rainbow.

You are the best god damn gift I have ever been blessed to be.

Can’t wait to spend my entire lifetime with you


You will always be the first name in my head when I have to share news and the first and last prayer from my heart.

Thankyou for making me believe in Ingrid Michelson’s love songs and for selfies that make me feel like I am the queen of Tumblr.


Love you