2016 :To be and not to be

To be :



3. a love song that makes people  want to dance

4.be the person minie thought I was. ❤ (Rest in peace …I miss you )

5.be the rainbow that I have always been

6.in love with life.

7.more of a listener.

8.more serious about words.

9.someone who has the ability to laugh at life.

10.a fucking fabulous forgiving soul who does not have any amounts of fucks to be given.

11.a unicorn

12.a compass.




1.mad at people for nothing.

2.someone who has grudges against her past.

3.carried away by emotions.

4.a lame person like you.

5.absent for friends.

6.allergic to people.

7.on the floor,crumbling into pieces for the mistakes others made.

8.a compromiser

9.chained by circumstances.

10.validate my existence by relationships


12.someone who lets strangers dictate her fate.

13.someone who does not live up to her words.