too much love

Just because you did not hurt people intentionally does not mean you did not hurt them.

Accidents do not become invalid if the consequences are invisible.

I did not want to hurt you and you did not either.But when has life ever been about what we have wanted.

I keep on trying to dodge the verbal bullets you fire at me but it keeps hitting right in the heart.You dodge everything,sitting behind your laptop….apple sure is a good company.

It has been three sleepless nights in a row,for me atleast  not for you ….and you would rather go out than help me calm down.Too bad you are dating someone who gets panic attacks and gets anxious easily.


We were supposed to not let each other goto bed sad….noone knows if we will see the morning tomorrow.

But you also do not like to be reminded what you are supposed to do.

I will put on extra eye liner and goto work tomorrow and fake a smile through my awkward braces…no one will notice what is happening…specially not you because you are not here.

We were supposed to be each other’s infinite….each other’s wish granting machine….


But look at us tonight…at different parts of the world…expecting things from the other that neither can offer.