So yet again there was another rape case of a 19 year old  who was brutally murdered with a head injury.This incident was recorded February 2016.

Slow clap to all the men who think that women should be raped if they go out at night,wear provoking clothes and work for themselves.I would not even spit on your face for my spit would feel insulted.

The level of  stupidity has crossed limits in such a way that my faith in humanity could take a while to be restored.

There are a lot of women who enjoy sex,there is nothing wrong with that,if a woman enjoys sexual intercourse with her lover why the hell do you feel entitled that you should do it with her as well.If a woman wants to wear whatever she wants because it is her body who the hell are you to judge her for what she wears?

If a woman works 13 hours a day to support herself and stand on her own who the fuck are you to call her selfish?

Why is it that when a man works passionately he is dedicated and when a woman does the same it is selfish?

Rape culture is encouraged in Nepali societies and I say that openly because women are always asked to compromise.

Do not discuss your personal salary if you earn more than your man because he might be hurt.Always ask for permission on what you can wear from your man.Do not focus on career because for a woman all that matters is family.Do not be stupid enough to say that you need ‘me ‘time because that concept makes you sound retarded.All you need to be is married because our responsibility of you will end and finally a man can take care of you.You can not even think of things like scuba diving and travelling because what will the society think? Your breasts are to be milked by  the time you are 28 because you were never human,all you are is an animal that was being prepared for the sake of sacrifice.Sacrificed in the most pompous way.With bling and a band when you leave.You are not supposed to worry about your god damn credibility what the fuck is that?Just worry about the size of  the diamond ring your man will provide.Do not wear red lipstick if you are unmarried.You are not to define yourself in colors without a man’s presence.You are wearing short skirts of-course you deserve to be visually raped.What will society think if you work more than 10 hours a day and if you do not work in a bank that your father is not earning enough?

You are refusing to compromise and apologize to your brother when he was the asshole who let you down?How dare you  not compromise when  you are a woman?


Well….those days when I let society and you tell me what to do because of what is between my legs has passed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond imagination.I will not religiliously follow things in fear.I will not start wearing things only after being permitted to.I will openly do what I am capable of doing without being ashamed of what I can do.My opinions are my pride and I can not punish them because you are not capable of handling what I think.I am not going to put anything else except for my own priorities ahead of me regardless of what anyone else says.

Noone is special or ordinary because of how they were born,there is nothing extravagant in being a man and having a penis.It does not entitle you to anything.If I ever have a son I will never tell that kid not to do household chores because that is what women do.If he needs to live in a house he needs to do the chores as well.I will never force him to be religious.If I ever have a son I will never let him feel that he is entitled to anything because he is a boy.If Nepal could stop treating men like they were magic then maybe rape culture would not have been promoted as much as it is now.

If you are a guy and you are reading this let me tell you something,I will never acknowledge you or respect you because you are a man but I will respect you if you believe in humanity when no one is watching.I will not agree to dividing household chores because you are a man and should not be doing chores.I will not compromise with what I want.

My religion believes in goddesses but  not women.I wish sometimes people were less religious and more human.

As for me I will forever choose as many colors as I want to represent myself and not let anyone make me feel heavy.I am not a freaking burden to anyone I am a blessing and if you do not feel that feel free to walk away from my god damn life.

P.S- I know an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and I do not support violence but to the people who raped that little 19 year old and murdered her I hope the police find them and cut off his penis also burn one of his eye balls.He should live he should not be murdered.Also one of his hands should be cut off.I hope this rule is enabled pretty soon.

long live rainbowism