Why you can never be K.P. Oli cool

Whenever I feel like giving up,I look at K.P. Oli and tell myself-

‘If this person can rule the damn country why not me?’

Look at him doing everything possible to humiliate the country and still ruling it as if he is the king of everything.I mean what do we do when he says lame stuffs on international media? We laugh….what else can we do ? dude has made our entire existence a joke.We are so used to our life being miserable that now it is funny.

From claiming his reign will erase load-shedding and that there will be gas pipe in all household that guy bull-shits all over.

He crossed the limit when he went to India  to represent Nepal,and said openly there was no ‘nakabandi‘  it was just a mishundastanding which is lagging of undhastandhing basically…Thanks Oli without you I would never be aquainted with that term.

I did not vote for that dweeb WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR THIS PERSON ?

I am not ashamed of him not being able to speak fluently in English,it is not our national language,why should you be ashamed of not knowing how to communicate in another language?

It was on the news that he took more than 100 people as ‘sahayak‘ for this political meeting.Why did he not take a translator?

He could have spoken in Nepali and kept a damn translator rather than making a complete fool out of himself where a nobody from India said that India had never done anything and it was Nepal who misunderstood.

Oli just sat there being the idiot that he is,misrepresenting everything he could about Nepal.

So this guy gives me hope.

He sits there,makes a complete fool out of himself,speaks rubbish,does everything wrong,is laughed at,has insulting memes all over the internet yet RULES THE DAMN COUNTRY.

If he as an idiot can do what he is doing obviously I have the potential to be Beyonce someday…..

His confidence inspires me.Ofcourse we deserve a Prime Minister like this…it is us who is not taking action against him.