Chapter 23 :Prajwal Parajuly ,Pornstars and Popcorn

I just finished reading a book called ‘Land Where I Flee’ by Prajwal Parajuly.

It might not be the best book I have ever come across; regardless it was one of those books which leaves you with a different perspective.

The story is real,it is so real that the characters start coming alive in your head. Prasanti and her condo are my two favorite characters in this book.I like how Prasanti is,who is shamelessly herself and takes pride in being who she is without forgetting where she comes from. Prasanti is the character that will make you ask questions and might take you to another level of self discovery.Chitralekha who is supposedly the main character is my second favorite,I like how she knowingly does things to make things uncomfortable for other people just to have a good laugh.

Initially I read the book with a heavy heart,I did not like how brutally honest it was.Eventually with the revelations of the character’s secrets I learnt how to forgive my self.I had a good laugh at the last page.Basically this book makes you confused,makes you laugh,smile secretly and realise that this is what books are for.Books are something divine that speaks to you without a voice and lets you be.Prajwal I do not know if you will ever read this but your book is good,good enough to make me google you.That is a compliment.

I hope you do not stop writing.

Now lets move on to the other P word,Porn-stars.I do not think most of us do not know who Sunny Leone is….this woman has evolved so beautifully.Many people disregarded her because of her past,because what she did was ‘looked down upon’.Look at her being the woman she is and celebrating regardless of what others think of her.I mean is that now how one is supposed to live?Forgiving one self and celebrating every opportunity possible?

She recently is in a anti-smoking campaign video in which she completely embraces who she is and was without a single hint of embarrassment.So much of self that what humans should teach themselves?

Sunny Leone is the perfect example of how you are to empower yourself and take yourself to another level by just accepting yourself.I am inspired by her whole act of being kind to self.Without it how are you going to be kind to others?Also laugh at yourself,it will make things a whole lot easier.

She is a wayyyyyyyy better role model than Bidhya Bhandari the president of my country is.


Popcorn my second favorite word in this world is something that does not fail to amaze me…its basically corn that is popped and I do not know who discovered it.You flavor it with some powdered cheese or butter and VOILA! you do not need human interaction you can just pop the pop corns in your mouth and watch/read or do whatever you want without company feeling accomplished.

Which reminds me just because you have access to popcorn does not mean you have the right to victimize people around you for your personal entertainment.

Mind your god damn business and be kind


Maharani Rae