10 lessons I learnt by taking myself too seriously

1.The reason my shoulders hurt is not because I have a lot of responsibilities but because I slouch while I sit.I need to be careful of my posture and probably do some yoga .

2.Let’s be real here I am just 23 and I have not yet figured out how to ride my scooter without using curse words for defense on the road.And yeah I do not need to feel bad that newari curse words are my super power…there are people who don’t even have that (khwasa)

3.Yes I need to be healthy and what not.I should eat less carbs and more lean protein…and yes I should not use a bag of chips and kurkure as comfort food neither should I start thinking about cake when things get tough….but what else gives you so much of happiness in less than Rs.100?  Go eat that damn packet girl!

4.People come and go..whatever is born has to die…and it is not my fault that the course of life is as such.I should stop being guilty for other people’s mistakes….life is not about regrets but celebrations.

5.The only person in the world who you can help the most is yourself.Instead of trying to help out others and trying to be useful for them be useful for yourself.You are important but be most important to yourself.

Love your damn self…Feel Beyonce in your god damn veins.

6.Taking yourself too seriously means not allowing yourself to make mistakes.Not allowing yourself make mistakes means you are not allowing yourself to do anything.Also mistakes are lessons and they make you take up responsibility for the consequences you have caused meaning you grow as a person…what is more beautiful than that?

7.I was being an asshole to people because they were not seeing how hard I was trying .It is not someone else’s responsibility to acknowledge you.It is your responsibility to acknowledge you.See what you are doing ,reflect,realise,learn ,release yourself….noone else is going to do that for you.

8.Read the damn non-fiction you always need a little bit of magic in your life.Why the hell should you let your colorful imagination and doodles turn into real shit that needs tax deduction?


9.Not taking yourself too seriously does not mean not taking the actions you take seriously…recklessness is something else,so is arrogance…You have no right to hurt other people or cause them discomfort at the cost of your actions.Make sure you do not do that atleast not intentionally.

10.If you take your self too seriously  who will you laugh at?