May 30th 2016: STEP OUTSIDE

You are constantly told to stop overthinking.They forget that is what makes you a being.

Breathing is synonymous to thinking for you and you do not understand how it is not so for most people.It is okay do not put on your judgmental glasses for them.Let them be.Just like how you would like to be left.Things were fine they say it got worse because of how you kept thinking about it.Did they forget that thought process,awareness and empathy are things that make humans human?

It is not your problem what they remember and what they forget.It is non of your concern of how you are misunderstood.You do not need to feel guilty for how you are interpreted.They have not been doing justice to their existence and you were never meant to exist.

You were and are and will forever be meant to live,laugh and love.You were meant to be the rainbow who understands the meaning of grey and treasures all shades.You were meant to be the grateful soul who said thanks to even those who were bitter to you.You were meant to love yourself more than you love others.It will be fabulous and fierce because you were not just meant for ‘fine’ things that are average.You know what I mean?

You live things and understand them.You become the characters you will write about.You will be amazing.You will be the girl with the to do list that will be fulfilled till the end.You will be the person you thought you would be at 12.Like Late Princess Shruti you will be elegant and you will be the person who won’t be a disappointment because darling you were never a disappointment. Stop apologizing so much for being yourself.It is bravery you are demonstrating by refusing to give in to the voices who keep telling you to give up.Sometimes bravery is not in the use of bullets or bulldozers but in the way you breathe.So keep breathing love.Keep breathing and living.