What being a friend taught me.


Being your friend is one of the best form of ‘being’ in my life.

You have accepted me without terms and conditions and that has been beautiful.We have laughed and cried and danced and watched frozen (you watched it just because I was too excited).We even watched Gatsby and the other stupid movie that taught us nothing in particular but had a lot of awkward ‘adult’ scenes.You stayed up till 4 am with me to talk about life and even went on walks when I really needed to.You agreed to push the bed to the other side so that we can work out for REAL.we even had a pen drive full of insanity work out videos and boy did we feel slim after 3 days.We were so slim that we stopped working out (are we not the lamest?)

You watched me go through phases and I hope you did not judge me as much (to be honest I do not think you judged me because if you did we would not be freinds),my only watermelon as food phase,my lets put honey and yogurt on the face phase,my lets goto Pattaya phase,my ‘I will only eat bananas and water melon on weekends’ phase ( seriously why did I even…-.-),my omg trust me all people in the world are fabulous and kind phase,my let’s go be characters of secret life of walter mitty phase,my I just need to graduate and nothing else phase and even my I am not good enough with anything phase.You have been there.

You agreed to cover songs with me when we were having breakdowns because of exams,you agreed to keep up with my weirdness and you agreed without being asked to.Somehow you restored my faith in life.

You were the first and I guess the only person who wrote down the quote I came up with and pasted it on the mirror ‘Eeveryone is a Phoenix by Choice’ and oh god that boosted up my spirits for so long.You listened to everything from me whining about life to me crushing over him.Sometimes I felt like you were the elder sister but in reality you are younger than me (Unless you are lying about your age)

You laughed at me,you laughed with me and you made me laugh until I cried.What else would anyone ever want in life than to laugh freely without having to worry about things?

You literally spoiled me with love and freindship and oh god I treasure that so much.If I had a million dollars I would firstly pay for a flight ticket to Bangkok and go to the places we promised we would go to ( saxophone being on top of the list) and I would also buy you Dr.Martens originals because I know you love them.I would give half a million to my dad and then the rest of the money I guess I would put back in Hope Foundation,the first place we ever volunteered in because the miracle baby there changed my life.<3

The memeories you helped me make in the years I was there are definitely  the most beautiful ones I have had in my life.I miss you a lot but I am not writing this to rant about how much I miss you.I wanted to write this to just tell you some stuffs you taught me even if you are lame and even if you are not as cool as I am.

You taught me how to get rid of lice.

(hahahahahahha omfg this is real)

You taught me to love myself even if I got lice and thought I had cancer and I was going to die and had already thought of my funeral.

Even though I went to a strict all girls pure convent school you taught me the difference between fingers and toenails and why you can’t say buttrils to butt holes just like nostrils to nose holes,you also taught me a lot about the digestive system.

More importantly you taught me that it is perfectly fine to be the person I am. I had not met anyone before that who trusted that the way I was ,was enough.

Being your friend taught me to be myself and be in love with myself.Being your friend helped me understand that I need not always look for mistakes when I looked at my reflection.That sometimes a hug and someone to talk to is all you need in life in order to be the happiest in the world.We were college students who were almost always broke but we never failed to feel rich and we were always so grateful.We shared whenever we could and yes that kind of compassion was something only a true freind could teach.

You taught me how to just say ‘Bye Felisha’ to people who did not deserve to be in my life anymore and just when to stop feeling guilty for the mistakes of others.

You damn fine you almost Beyonce ( but you do not even like Beyonce I guess by now you know this was intentional)

You damn fine!

Girl you always be my sam 🙂

I am 24 and I beleive in the goodness of humanity and everything life because of people like you .

Love you 🙂

I guess this was too much damn