Because I promised you

I know I told you I would write today,I do not know what I will end up writing about though.

Let’s just go with the flow maybe this article will be a subtle rant about life or maybe it will be about rhinos who knows?

So like always my mind runs miles per hour and I will always be the randomest person I know.I am sitting in a coffee shop at the moment working from a cosy sofa like chair that has grey cushions.I am sorry I ruined your green cushion but I already know you accepte my apologies last year.My day today was a random one,I lost my debit card ,googled GRE and Disneyland and then thought about you ofcourse.What else does one do ?

My work is demanding so I have to submit reports everyday,I am not complaining because I am not thinking about you when I work.I had a chicken sandwich for lunch today because well they do not have momos here,I have been listening to a lot of coke studio songs because they are amazing.

Other than that I was thinking I would write about my dog but she bit my shoes today and ruined it so I am mad at her a bit.Days pass by like they are moments or months and I do not know what differentiates it.It looks like everything is pasing through or by me and I am paused.I am running through everything in slow motion but sadly I do not look as gorgeous as kajol does in DDLJ .

Thank god I have no uni brows.

I am 24 and I am completely lost with no idea about how to go on with life.I am at this point where I do not even know how to function with 10 hours of sleep per day.I am either staring at the ceiling or staring at something else that is invisible to everyone else.I do not like talking anymore.It does not make sense.Books make me weep so I do not like reading anymore ,what would I do reading anyways I create this illusion in my head that everything in life is related to you somehow it is though it is not.

I have discovered that ayurvedically my body type is pitta dosha so I should stay away from cheese…not a pleasant discovery.I do not know what my secret ingredient for aloo paratha will be anymore.:(

I have decided that from tomorow I will start tiny steps towards healthy living.I do not know how but yeah maybe I will just get some more sleep.

Who knew that 24 is more difficult than being a fat teenager with unibrows (which was me at 14).

This coffee shop makes me think of you because we had three super serious conversations here and now well none of it mean anything just like we do not.

One great thing about being an adult is that you can work and make money and then waste that money on food irresponsibly .

that is as long as you are not married.

Did you know that Nepal ‘s hunger level is to be considered seriously?Maybe I am to be blamed for so many people’s hunger because I eat so much haha

no seriously though Nepal’s hunger index or whatever they call it is  serious and I hope the government and locals work together to fix this shit because they aint going to fix anything else.

Apparently the earthquake reconstruction has not happened yet either.

I do not know what is going to happen to this country.

I do not know what is going to happen to anyone here actually noone does so it is fine.

Someone told me today that I had #nofilter.Well I should take this as a compliment even though that has put me into a lot of trouble a lot of times.

Periods suck so does being a woman during periods,I do not feel feminine at all,I feel icky.

I hope feminists do not go shame on you here on my blog because come on I am sure many women do not enjoy having periods.

If I am ever born again since I am hindu and all that I would not want to be a woman not because of anything else but because of periods…it just is not that great.


anyways hope you had a nice day



only yours

always yours