Day 3:A letter to Molika Rimal

Hey you !

So we are lost 20 somethings who thought they would have had everything figured out and would run out of pages on our passport  because of all the travelling we would do and here we are ,the closest to travelling we got is liking our facebook freind’s trip to Muktinath.

Life is already confusing and on top of all that confusion we are born in a middle class brown family where the mother dreams of her daughter’s wedding like her life depends on it.We manage house hold chores,deal with our menopausing mothers,fight with our annoying but world’s best siblings,and adore our fathers and in the time left behind we also think about what we want to do with our lives.

Maybe we are both late bloomers,that is what explains why we sucked at maths so much as high school kids.But I am not writing today to rant about how much we suck,I am writing this to make you feel like you are going to totally make through this and be the truly fabulous person you are with/without your glasses.(I am a totally dorky person with my glasses)

So Molika,you have a whole life ahead of you and you have a whole lot of time to freak out but not now.Now is the time to feel and accept and celebrate and do whatever the hell you have wanted to do.You are already a dentist in the making you will have to be smelling rotten teeth and deal with people who are sad about their aching jaw but I think instead of all of these lame things you should be focusing on the amazing part which is your profession helps people smile better <3.

I know we grew up too fast and we could almost do everything to stop time from going ahead so fast but then darling what would be the beauty of that?

It is tough to understand and be clear because we are just twenty something,and we thought by now we would be settled (ha ha what a joke) but trust the process you will be laughing at this time later and you will be a wise woman who will not need to rely on wine for stress release.

Both of us rarely have good hair days and we have never slayed our makeup,our fashion sense might not be updated and we might be broke most of the time but babygirl if these things were the things that defined life Lindsay Lohan would not be the person she is today.

Life is actually not measured by anything that can be measured.Do not believe in boys who say love is not enough,trust men who know what they want to do with their lives but do not let them in if they think that you should accommodate to their identity.We did not go to an all girls school filled with rules and regulations and nuns who asked to wear samiz under our shirts to not become rebels.

We will not be able to be as updated as the teenagers today nor will be as sophisticated and subtle as the women who are more experienced than us but that is the beauty of being an individual,you can enjoy whoever you are without expecting to be like anyone else.

I know moms menopause is heavier on the people around her but then the good news is that she will be over it and that you will be laughing about the things that made you mad in some time.The confusions you have now will slowly be cleared because clarity takes time but until then just enjoy the process because now is what matters the most.

For other stuffs I am here,to be a shoulder to lean on ,to be your ‘lets rant about the worl’d buddy or to do anything else that is utterly senseless like attending a slam poetry event where you know nobody.I am here 🙂

I hope we are laughing at this later and that we do not make people around us too uncomfortable by laughing out too loud.

Best Regards