152.083 Days

I have no idea where to start but I know you won’t mind because you are not the kind of man who minds how people are and where they start.

I  say ‘Thankyou Bhagvan this means a lot to me‘ before going to bed every single night and  wake up to give you kiss attacks every single morning (unless I am feeling unwell) and we both know you love it regardless of how indifferent you act.

‘Grateful’ is not enough of a word and it has not been enough since you have been in my life.Is it not weird that a man who speaks so little actually makes me feel like there aren’t enough words invented in the universe to describe how he makes me feel ?


To begin with I like how we are worlds apart,I am like fireworks booming and cracking every single chance I get and you are like the stars flickering without trying to grasp attention but being the beautiful light in darkness.

If it were not for you I am sure I would have had at least 10 mental breakdowns in 2017.You work way better than lavender oil in terms of calming me down or making me feel all comfy before going to bed.If it were not for you I would legit still have an existential crisis every time I decided I wanted to do something.Now that I am with you and you encourage me so much to be a better version of me I have a YouTube channel of my own.(Check it out if you have not Raeesha Shrestha on YouTube  ;low-key advertising)

It is not like there have not been moments with you where not just my face but my entire existence is like ‘I can’t even”epic eye-roll’ ‘ but all the other factors that are amaze-balls have added up so much on my life that those things are just a tiny spectrum of something that I would never even consider second-thought-worthy .

Very random but I love how you chop onions…it’s like you are master chef Australia,how you can’t eat while you are watching something interesting on TV,how you NEVER put your shoes on the shoe-rack that we have (smell the sarcasm), how you are such an indifferent person to other people but when it comes to be I am ALWAYS on top priority,how you roll over and give me hugs when you are half asleep,how you want to hold my hand whenever we go out (even if it is just for groceries) and how you have taken up warming up my feet so seriously.You are this adorable little munchkin with a mustache who is the manliest man at the same time (Very odd description but by now you know that this is how I work).

I like how you listen to me rant about things you do not even understand with so much of patience and even if you give two words reply to my half an hour rant it kind of makes complete sense.I love how you support my major life decisions like deciding to turn pescetarian even the whole world was like ‘WHYYYYYYY ????’you were just ‘ oh okay cool. ‘

Honestly that is what I love most about you regardless of whatever happens you are always ‘okay..cool’

You make me feel like I am living in an Ed Sheeran Love song every single day without being the most romantic person I know.No cheesy-corny stuff only sincere emotions what an amazing way to love someone 😀

I know how you do not like saying that we had an ‘arranged marriage’ but I love it .I love how life took unexpected turns when I was hopeless and somehow our lives intertwining together was a miraculous arrangement of destiny. Us coming together in such a short time period was something neither of us had imagined and here I am five months after marrying you writing to you like I am a sissy teenager who is new to developing crushes and being all giddy with excitement about romantic comedies and love songs and cuddles and all those things that make young girls go ‘aawww’.

Real Talk :Last year this time when someone asked what I wanted to do in the near future or what I looked forward to I legit had a week of mental breakdown.

Now when I think about the future and know that you will be there next to me regardless of whatever I decide to do I have an eternal smile that warms up my soul on my face.

That is how much you have changed my life,you made a woman who did not want to think much about herself dream about a family in the near future ❤

I know it has just been five months of marriage and we still have a loooooooonnngg way to go and a looooooooooooot of things to see but I know that with you by my side I will be prepared for anything life throws at me.


I love you so so so so much,I can’t imagine a life without you anymore…..