Reality High

What you can see is real.

Like this photo, I am posting on Instagram is very real.

Every day I put on two layers of foundation, non-smudged eyeliner and a bright red lipstick that perfectly flatters my complexion. I comfortably walk in 6 inches and a tight tweed skirt for me is like PJs. I know what to show in my best angles always. I have a smile that looks flattering on my face so you will almost always see my pictures with a smile. That gives you an illusion that I am always smiling. I walk around with a Valencia filter in reality and even when I sip a cuppa my lipstick does not stain the cup. I am aware that using plastic cups and straws is not good for the environment because I read about sea creatures having the worst life due to plastic.

I read so much sometimes I think out loud forgetting that I am actually an active member of my life and people can actually hear me.

You won’t see me reapply lipstick or touch up my makeup and since I use a cream-based highlighter it looks too natural to question.

Hence you might think that I always look like this…because you know what you do not see is not real.

So it is not real.

You can not see it

You can not see the insecurities that punch my face every morning before I put on makeup.You can not see me putting three different face-masks on weekends in order to ‘dry -up’ my pimples yet nourish my skin. You do not see me questioning my life decisions or my mental break-downs. You do not see me argue with anyone or hear me say anything bad about anyone except Bollywood people.I mean Bollywood people are public property and they are never going to hear what I say about them and you can be mean to people who do not know you right? (Being mean to people totally does not say anything about you but your right to judge someone like DUH?)

You can not see my uneven skin tone or my eczema prone thighs. You can not see me wishing I was someone else. You can not see me scrutinize every part of my body in order to look for flaws. I mean is it not normal for women to look and worry about things that are not there and create them in their lives?( What a fun way to live! Law of Attraction is real)

I do not weep my ass off publicly or have ‘discussions’ with my husband that seem most like arguments. I do not complain about all things wrong with my life. I do not bitch about people I hate and would like to punch. I really do not eat chicken wings like a man. I do not stare at the ceiling long enough to feel like I am the ceiling.

I never do these things in front of anyone and hence no one sees me do it and hence it is not real.

Of course only things you can see and touch are real.

Like the statue of Ganesha you worship before any other God for prosperity and luck.It is made up of stone and metal but you can touch it and take pictures of it.

You can see it .

It is real.

Only things you can not see are not.