Important Questions to Answer in 2019

As a victim of your circumstances, the audacity of the opinions you have on how other people should live their lives is really something.

How can you do that?

Telling me how to live, who to love, what to eat in order to socialize, how to put on my eyeshadow even. (Major Eye Roll)(Still startled you know where eyeshadow is applied since you think makeup is ‘too gay’ for you.)

You have a problem with your wife’s facial structure and her name. You changed your name and her name and made it official that that name is the name we address you as via Instagram. (The amount of time you have to think all of that appalls me considering the fact that you are always complaining you have no time to do anything else.)

I do not understand how I am peculiarly important in your life. How am I so important that in a room full of people you come up to me and come up with theories of why I decided to eat what I eat. (Seriously it is insane) .You tell me I should be ‘more natural’ as a woman…..I do not understand why I should be taking notes on how I could be more naturally feminine from a man who has never had the experience of being a woman. Also, let me remind you you were just discussing how you would want to frame your wife’s teeth on her face and think her nose is slightly big for her face. You aren’t accepting her face naturally there are you?


more sighs

moving on……

I could be straight or as crooked as I want to be. You still think that things like that are as a matter of fact a choice and well I was not born to broaden your mind so I won’t even say anything on that. I was slightly taken aback with your concept of how gay men are the cause of AIDS and all the sexually transmitted diseases in the world. Then again it is you we are talking about here so like……

Who comes up with such theories?

You think you know everyone when the truth is you don’t even know yourself.

All you do is try to make someone else feel less of themselves and that is not the ideal life you wanted I am sure.

How does something like that spark joy?

Comparing how much everyone’s worth is based on what they do and what kind of cars they drive. Telling everyone how your life abroad is great because you are successful abroad and that no one treats you like an immigrant because you already have a PR.

Who taught this to you?

Who did this to you?

Have you thought of investing time in yourself rather than shove up your nose into other people’s business?

Seriously though who told you gay men are responsible for AIDS?