Hi heartwarming Voice on the Radio,

You know those cold November nights in your youth when you were just done listening to what the adults had to say…those nights when friends didn’t get what you mean..those nights when grades did not gratify your soul…and you were just there unable to sleep because you have a lot on your mind and no one to talk about it with.

Then you turn on the radio…and there is this heart-warming friendly voice that is just there asking for nothing in return…speaking to you like a long lost friend…playing songs that help you soul search…and everything just makes sense..because of music…that voice…that welcoming voice gave you a friend without even knowing what kind of person you are.That miraculous voice taught you the art of listening.

You were that voice that did not judge and were my friend when I needed someone to just be there…you were that advice that I needed but no one bothered giving were that fight against loneliness that made me look forward to night. You were that company in awkward moments when I didn’t know what to do.

That voice that was there when I was putting on my school uniform..ipods were not the ‘COOL THINGS’ then…the voice that made ironing and folding laundry seem less hectic….that entertainment in the kitchen my mother did not mind because instead of disturbing it was actually making me enjoy cooking. You are the voice that has just become family. How can you just dedicate your time and effort forget your sorrows and make other people leave behind theirs as well? I am sorry I left you behind when I met apple products..But I am glad you did not give up on others in need of beautiful soul ❤

You sure are not appreciated enough

Thank-you from the inner core of my heart for the beauty tips…for all the what to eat and avoid..for the songs that changed the way I look at things..for being the friend I never had…for being selfless and keeping other people first…but mostly for being a healer…you have touched people’s lives in ways you cannot imagine

You have done your share..made this life ‘liveable’ and given people like me hope that someday things will be better…that no matter what music shall always be there…and so shall a voice be there that shall heal…wounded hearts..


I can’t thank you enough

For saving my youth

For saving my soul

Loads of love