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This might sound a bit  strange but the truth is it is easier for me to be happy for strangers.Also it  is more sincere when I feel sad for them.When I do not know people’s stories it is easier to accept them….

I dont know if this is for everybody but there is something I want from people I know…maybe acknowledgement…maybe time…maybe love…or maybe acceptance…it is different with each person…but then with strangers…I have nothing I want…I can be selfless… I can be honest..I mean I am honest with people I LOVE but then there is a bit of selfishness in that I secretly hope that they reciprocate the same…

Expectation is always the main cause of disappointment and since I do not expect anything from strangers there is not way I am to be disappointed with them…I guess if  we all were strangers instead of being family and friends…this world would be less strange.. or maybe not..


Her dark night

Saw loud fireworks

Because of my rocket

I saved her

from loving herself

with the greens in my pocket

When she begged for mercy

I moaned with pleasure

I was roaring

as a self declared king


my territory was limited in blankets

I declared her queen

because she was my treasure

at least for that moment

I promised to keep her in my heart

”Hearts are suffocating”she said

”I would rather live by pockets

for I am

the entire

infinity  in a night

that can make rockets like yours


as if it never existed…”

”So…you were saying you saved me?


it was you who needed saving the most”

(blows away cigarette puffs like she was having a conversation based on world politics…still calm and with poise..while his rocket has now landed in neverland..)

”It’s okay ..I’m habituated to this..”

”But how can you be? This is not acceptable!”

”It’s okay I will manage”

”NO! You should not! Why did you not ask for more?”

”What do you mean more?”

‘How can this be enough???”

”This is just how it has been actually people get way lesser I am fortunate to be getting this even now”

‘You are not just People..this is a serious issue! WHY ARE YOU ADJUSTING AND BEING CONTENT IN SO LESS?”

”I would not want to loose even the little I have now”

”But you are getting way less than you deserve”

”If I do not know what I do you?”

”Because I can see you and you can not!”

Long pause

Gratitude in eyes

Smile that expresses Thank-you in a million different ways just by being sincere

 Loss of words have never been so comforting.