Odd numbers

I am not one of those people who can survive without a calculator and knows the multiplication table like it was the back of her hand.


never been an excellent student at mathematics.

I can do basic mathematics like add,subtract,multiply or even divide ( sometimes without a calculator) but then you know those things like calculating degrees of triangles and rhombus with formulas that just flow away…naah cannot do that.

The whole formula set of trigonometry was something like slow poison for me..I almost felt my brain cells dying..ALMOST…algebra though was a bit more interesting.

That annoying difference between simple interest and compound interest is just too annoying to be sorted out.

Grade  8 I decided that  mathematics and I would be frenemies I would hate it but I would still not be able to live without it because you cannot graduate your school without mathematics..( so lame I know).

Odd numbers,even numbers,prime numbers and all those kind of numbers were nothing but numbers.

It was not until I hit puberty that I thought more about mathematics and numbers more deeply.Mind you Im not saying I started practising I am just saying I gave more thought to it.

You know what made more sense to me than the rest of the things in this subject?

Odd Numbers, it cannot be divided by 2.

How interesting

Sometimes I think my mind and my heart gets confused and my brain feels instead of thinking and my heart thinks instead of feeling …or else why would I RELATE mathematics with me?

so yeah odd numbers…basically any number that  cannot exactly by 2.

That explains why I feel odd most of the times.

Because I cannot be just two  but that little extra that refuses to be divided..that little extra that makes it difficult (or sometimes easy) to deal with things

Actually your heart,your soul and your being..is something that is divided a lot of times and yet stays infinite.

No that is not how you are supposed to UNDERSTAND mathematics but then that is just how my brain works so yeah accept it.

So let me relate awkwardness with mathematics because that is the exact emotion I felt during most of the classes .

I never exactly understood the importance of finite things. ( that is why most of the times my logic and principles don’t make much sense)

So I finally concluded that mathematics was important,for other people for calculation,for me as a reminder of the need of awkwardness.

The awkwardness of an odd number because when you feel odd someone has a little extra to offer that you refuse to accept or you have something extra to offer that cannot be accepted by other people.

Mathematics is interesting,finite things are sometimes very calming..

It is just a fresh point of view that is required