loss of words

”It’s okay ..I’m habituated to this..”

”But how can you be? This is not acceptable!”

”It’s okay I will manage”

”NO! You should not! Why did you not ask for more?”

”What do you mean more?”

‘How can this be enough???”

”This is just how it has been actually people get way lesser I am fortunate to be getting this even now”

‘You are not just People..this is a serious issue! WHY ARE YOU ADJUSTING AND BEING CONTENT IN SO LESS?”

”I would not want to loose even the little I have now”

”But you are getting way less than you deserve”

”If I do not know what I deserve..how do you?”

”Because I can see you and you can not!”

Long pause

Gratitude in eyes

Smile that expresses Thank-you in a million different ways just by being sincere

 Loss of words have never been so comforting.

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