#Lesson 4: The answer is always simple

Do you know what inspire means?”

(ERRMMM…maybe to influence them and make them have faith in you or something???? butt ermm)


You know when people die we say they expired?”


‘So,inspire is basically letting people breath…so when they expire they are out of breath’

”Oh wow that is interesting!!!!!!!! I never looked at it this way!”

”Isn’t it? the core of words are always so simple and interesting”

”mmmm it is ”,I said with a smile

”That is why when you inspire someone you let them breathe in fresh air,like something to take in..you know what I mean?”

A guy with big eyes and even bigger dreams with a lot of simplicity.Small frame but strong.Somebody who had fallen down,dusted himself and picked himself right back up..as if nothing happened…standing up with a lesson learnt and a fresher point of view.

I could see it,he had been through a lot,that is why he was into making people laugh and think at the same time.People who have been hurt tend to do that,they tend to take care of other people and make sure they make other happy in every way possible no matter how small it is,so that no one would feel as terrible as they did when they were down.

After this conversation I was wondering how many people had breathed in fresh air because of me..how many were comfortable to be whatever ..whoever they wanted to be in front of me? Is it not amazing? Life is not that complicated after all,If you actually sit down to think about the questions you ask the answer lies in simplicity.

I always try to think and think and think more,complicate things in my head,get anxious over the reality in my head which is not reality at all,compare and what not,feel low ,feel high,need caffeine over the questions I ask,have sleepless nights even without being in love or some major issues…but then all the answers in life are so simple..its just me that is always complicating questions.

This guy taught me to just be comfortable with myself,to do my best,and do better with just this conversation.He taught me to look at the world from far away quiet places like maybe the President House’s Tower(Even if it is against the rule),He taught me to listen more closely and to never forget that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

To understand things you just need to look at its core…and cores are barely complex.

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