#LESSON 5: People are not their past

‘Usually when people hear my story,they judge me and they never talk to me again..Thankyou man You didn’t run away”,she said with her  sad ,beautiful ,big eyes with flattering eyelashes..

Even though she was 4’8 she reached heights and stood up for herself,that is what made me respect her(btw respect is more than only accept).Her red lipstick enhanced her thick lips and her makeup was perfect to enhance her features.(I should learn the art of make up seriously!)

I just smiled because I did not know hoe to respond to what she said.

She looked at me like she was about to say something but she stopped and fixed her ”Dupatta” instead.YES we were in Bangkok the city of life and all wild things but my friend and I decided to dress up like Brown Aunties in Salwar Kamiz,heels and makeup to watch a Bollywood Movie just because we could.(It was my idea..I always make people do weird stuffs and they listen because they love me).She wore her favorite green Salwar kamiz and I wore black.

I looked at her,I knew she needed more than a smile from me,”Who am I to judge you?” I said

She did not know how to answer that for a moment and said,”But everyone does!’

Her eyes seemed lost.

”If I were to judge you,I would never be able  to see how amazing you are as a person!Plus people who judge are boring people who just want to play it safe! I am happy to know you were a ”Bitch” once,that just means you experimented,that you were brave enough to try and were not fearful to fall down…so what is wrong with being that??Thank god people judge and hate you ..atleast now you know who is worth your time and who is not!”

(I could not believe I just said all that..sometimes I surprise myself)

She looked at me as  if those were the only words she was waiting to hear from someone all her life.

Then I decided she would be the Bangladeshi sister I never had whose mother made amazing daal and kebab ( SUPER YUM needed more emphasis right there )

This one taught me that being bold is okay,as long as you are not hurting anyone else but yourself,Life is already complicated and difficult so bending the rules or making your own new set of rules is nothing wrong.

Life should be lived…not followed..hence past is a past for a reason…it’s called present for a reason..I hope you go build your now after reading this just like I did after meeting this person

God bless you sister…may all your dreams come true Inshallah!