Time Changed (ALMOST) Everything

He had the same name he did

four weeks ago

My name was the same too

All of him was the same

He even wore the same tshirt

I wore a different dress though

But I am sure I looked the same

Four weeks ago 

I did not think

it was humanly possible to get closer

than what we already were

The same bus,destination and driver

but it seemed

the distance between us

was so much

 we were going  different places

He did not hold my hand

I did not ask if I could hold his

It would be awkward

after all

We were not the same anymore

Even if we were in the same situation

Going to the same place like we did before

looking the same

with the same nose

and same everything else

and out of all the things

I wanted  to change

the way he looked at me did not…

after all

not everything

can be changed by time..


there is something bigger than time

Maybe that something does not need a name

because if it is labelled

it won’t have space to make mistakes

atleast something should be free

and not fit in 

or be categorised

even if that something was not the thing

between him and me…





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